Whether you are a game master looking to add a bit of random flavour to your campaign or a writer trying to spruce things up a little, we have something for you.

Most of the tables below are fairly generic and can be used with any fantasy roleplaying game without a whole lot of homework. If you have ideas for the existing generators or suggestions for new ones to be developed, don’t hesitate to let us know.

The newest generators

Random encounter tables

These tables were made for the IMAGINES roleplaying game system but can easily be adapted to other systems. They are meant to inspire, not to be followed to the letter.

Loot, places, and people tables

Some of these tables tie in with the IMAGINES roleplaying game system while others are easily adapted for other purposes.

Basic Rules generators

These generators expand on the tables and randoms of the Imagines Basic Rules. Because why settle for 100 options if you can have even more?

Other Generators

Curious generators, most of which are useless to anyone but the webmaster.

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