Magic gone wild!

Whenever spells are cast there is a risk of the arcane energies not acting as the spell caster intended. Spell casters with low Control scores are more prone to magical mishaps, but all mages will find themselves showered in butterflies—or tons of bricks—on occasion.

This generator currently contains the 300 entries of the Basic Rules and 18 new ones.

Give me one of each!

If the fumble was from a self-affecting spell:

The Attack Rank penalty on any armour, regardless of type or material, that the spell caster is wearing or carrying on her person gains a minus 1 point bonus (effectively lowering the wearer’s Attack Rank).

If the fumble was from an offensive or defensive spell:

For d4+2 nights ahead the spell caster is haunted by very vivid dreams of a sinister entity or being pursuing her through unfamiliar terrain.

If the fumble was from a spell with audiovisual effects:

The weather abruptly changes in a radius of 2 km around the spell caster, taking a turn for the worse and lacking nothing in dramatic effect. The spell has no effect.
To generate another set of spell fumbles, simply refresh the page.

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