Magic gone wild!

Whenever spells are cast there is a risk of the arcane energies not acting as the spell caster intended. Spell casters with low Control scores are more prone to magical mishaps, but all mages will find themselves showered in butterflies—or tons of bricks—on occasion.

This generator currently contains the 300 entries of the Basic Rules and 18 new ones.

Give me one of each!

If the fumble was from a self-affecting spell:

The next time the spell caster touches a sick or injured self-aware creature, that creature is instantly cured or healed to perfect health. The spell has no effect.

If the fumble was from an offensive or defensive spell:

No spell cast or magical power used by the spell caster will have any effect at all for d8 days ahead. The spell has no effect.

If the fumble was from a spell with audiovisual effects:

For d10 days ahead the spell caster has a terrible effect on music and musicians; instruments played near her break, singers lose their tune, and so on.
To generate another set of spell fumbles, simply refresh the page.

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