IMAGINES is a fantasy roleplaying game system developed by Birgitte Heuschkel since 1990. It is free to play and use non-commercially. A test edition was released in 1993 under the name VISUAL REALITY, but we had to make changes when Microsoft copyrighted that name.

You may download anything on the site for personal use with your game group.

Who are we?

I am Birgitte Heuschkel; I’m a writer, graphical designer, and apparently, a game designer. I retired early with fibromyalgia (which sucks) and now sit around all day thinking up fantastic stories (that don’t suck). The other half of the design team is my husband who prefers to not have his name all over the internet (but he’s one hell of a proofreader).

Between us we own three cats, one geriatric German Shepherd, and a Jutland Draft horse weighing in at 800 kilos. The horse is the only pet that doesn’t think it owns the sofa.

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