Generic Thug Template

This template is for your run-of-the-mill, average thug, whether a faceless member of the town guard or a band of highwaymen. To provide a little variation, we offer several randomised customisation options. Throw in two thugs per able-bodied, fighting player character (and more if they are highly skilled and experienced characters).

To create a more experienced thug, combine two customisations. For a very experienced thug, combine three or four.

Presence 7, Physique 10, Psyche 6, Potential 8, Technology 3

Appearance 15, Charisma 10, Authority 17
Agility 15, Strength 17
Intelligence 11, Memory 9, Discipline 11
Power 13, Control 15
Operation 12, Construction 8
# 5, MS 3%
AR -2, DMG +2
HP 40, PP n/a
DEF (76) 76/76/76
Luck 5
ALT 50%
INTU 32%

Skills of note: Brawling (41%), Coolness (33%), Weapon of choice (41%), Weapon, secondary choice (28%).

Give me four customisations for thugs!

Adrenaline Addict. The character lives on the edge and is bored without action. She needs to be where it happens and she loves a challenge, a good scare, or a good fight.

Dagger (Dmg d3+d10, penalty 2), Rune of Pain (d4 charges)

This thug has a +1d4 bonus to Agility, possibly allowing them to exceed 20.

This thug possesses an item off the Major Enchantments list, determined randomly. Alternatively, they possess two Minor Enchantments.

To generate another combination of four thugs, simply refresh the page.

Last updated January 28, 2024.

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