Random Alchemy recipe generator

Need random alchemy recipes for your budding potion maker? Need random alchemy recipes for your budding potion maker? Look no further.

Alchemy is the poor man’s wizardry, and alchemy is fun. Characters who have the skill points to spare and the time to search for herbs (or the money to pay others to do it for them) are going to want to build a recipe library.

This generator will deliver up results sorted into common, uncommon, and rare recipes—you can probably guess which category you’re going to see the most of.

The generator includes a suggestion for the page or journal in which the recipe is found. This should be ignored for starting characters determining which recipes they already know but comes in handy for those situations where characters happen upon a recipe in somebody else’s loot pile.

Give me that recipe!

You have rolled a common recipe: Sleep Draught.
To generate another suggestion, simply refresh the page.
Your recipe is written on pristine parchment concealed inside a protective scroll case.
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