Loot: Greater mundane treasure

Mundane treasure is non-magical but that does not mean it cannot be valuable. These are the items that occupy treasure chests and secret lairs, just waiting for the heroes to come pick them up, wonder how to sell them, and eventually take them home to put on the mantelpiece.

This table is designed for a European inspired fantasy set in a technological and cultural age equivalent to the Middle Ages up to the Early Modern Period (ca. 1100-1750 AD.).

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A Vampire Hunter’s Kit containing d10 stakes and assorted holy trinkets.
A couple of small bottles or vials containing holy water, mercury, or other rare ingredient for magic or alchemy.
A small chest or box containing d10 clearly labelled alchemist’s potions.
A beautiful cuirass made from beautiful tooled leather (+2d10 hp for fine quality).
A gem-encrusted gold brooch of beautiful design and make.

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