Less turns into more: Don’t forget to use the skills your character hasn’t got

There’s no such thing as having enough skill points. Characters, whether fresh rookies or old, experienced veterans, usually end up having to pick which skills to get and which to ignore for later. But that’s the beauty of the skill system of IMAGINES: Your character doesn’t need every skill her adventures will ever call for, from the beginning of play. She can get the missing skills while living her adventuring life.

Whenever a skill check is being called for, the player can roll for her character—also when the character has no points in the given skill. If a critical success is rolled (i.e., 05 or less for an unskilled character), the character gets to try to advance. Given the likelihood that the player is capable of rolling anything but 13 on the d100, the character is going to advance in that skill. Not much, surely, but use the skill often enough and she’ll eventually achieve Routine level, or better.

Sure, the character’s going to muck around and fail to actually get much done a lot. But every time she tries, there’s a chance that something clicks in her mind, and she becomes just that little bit more likely to get it right next time.

And, of course, there’s always the less random chance reliant option of studying with a skilled character who may even offer a learning bonus from a high Teaching skill.

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