Imagines RPG System

IMAGINES is free to read and use non-commercially. It is a roleplaying game system designed over thirty years plus, by role-players for role-players—er, well, largely by two role-players, for everyone else. It’s not perfect—no game system is. It’s not an industry changer—generic fantasy game systems are dime-a-dozen, and they were dime-a-dozen in 1990 too. It’s a work in progress—and always will be, because we’re never going to stop tweaking, fiddling with, and adding to it. It’s an on-going party, and you’re invited.

You can read the rule books here in PDF format (apologies in advance for the time it takes our web host to load large files) or download the PDFs to your own computer for offline use, as you prefer.

Elvish alchemist.

Right-click to save link as… to get an offline copy of the PDF files, or open in new tab to read online in PDF format.

Basic Rules

The skeleton upon which everything else is built. The Basic Rules cover character creation, combat, magic, skills, and a few other bits.


Creepy Crawlies

The monster manual of the IMAGINES game system. What’s a game without things that creep, crawl, and go bump in the night? Let’s get started with a few of the classics: Let loose the vampires, bring in the alternate reality explanars, and let your sorcerers summon familiars—and that’s just the beginning.


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