Silvanian name generator


This generator produces a random character name, male or female, customised for a specific, as of yet unpublished game setting. Names that can be used anywhere you need a quick NPC. Silvanian names are drawn from a Frankish or Old English background. Thuali names are predominantly Italian and Spanish inspired. In my game setting, Thuali do not use last names so those are not offered.

The generator picks gender randomly, so if you need a name belonging to a specific gender you may have to refresh a few times.

Give me some names, then!

A common Thuali woman's name: Begonia.
A common Silvanian woman's name: Fleurine Newcastle.

To generate another suggestion, simply refresh the page.

Edit history:

April 14, ’24: Updated to include Thuali name suggestions.

Inn, pub or tavern: What’s it called?

An inn needs a name! This generator offers five randomly generated name suggestions for inns, pubs, and taverns. Most suggestions are based off traditional (mostly British) naming conventions.

In addition, you get three genuine names of inns, pubs or taverns from real life (mostly the UK), for inspiration. Some are of mythical origin, some offer specific services. Some are named for historical figures or events, and some are just plain funny. A few are named for the clearly mythical and never-actually-seen, such as the Honest Politician.

This generator provides a randomly generated inn or tavern name, as well as an example of an actual, historical inn somewhere in the real world.

Show me some names!

Your inn might be called:
  • The Sleepy Journeyman
  • The Royal Hart
  • The Thirsty Tinker
  • The Weasel and Whistle
  • The Weasel and Dog

Real life trumps imagination. How about ...
  • the Dolphin, anglicised from French 'dauphin', commemorating battles in which England defeated France.
  • the Olde Man and Scythe in Bolton, UK, taken from the crest of the Pilkington family.
  • the Rising Sun, a symbol of the east and of optimism, and in contemporary music, indicative of a brothel.
To generate another set of names, simply refresh the page.

Does your local inn, pub or tavern have a curious or funny name? Drop a note in the comments for inclusion!



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