Random gossip and rumours

Exploring gossip and idle chat around the wells, inns, and marketplaces of a rural community. This table was created with the Gossip magical item in mind. Use it for background noise anywhere, though it works best with fantasy and/or medieval settings.

Spill the tea!

One of the women by the village well is thinking about leaving their spouse for somebody ten years younger. Shameful. I could have sworn I heard the same story last week.
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Generic Thug Template

This template is for your run-of-the-mill, average thug, whether a faceless member of the town guard or a band of highwaymen. To provide a little variation, we offer several randomised customisation options. Throw in two thugs per able-bodied, fighting player character (and more if they are highly skilled and experienced characters).

To create a more experienced thug, combine two customisations. For a very experienced thug, combine three or four.

Presence 7, Physique 10, Psyche 6, Potential 8, Technology 3

Appearance 15, Charisma 10, Authority 17
Agility 15, Strength 17
Intelligence 11, Memory 9, Discipline 11
Power 13, Control 15
Operation 12, Construction 8
# 5, MS 3%
AR -2, DMG +2
HP 40, PP n/a
DEF (76) 76/76/76
Luck 5
ALT 50%
INTU 32%

Skills of note: Brawling (41%), Coolness (33%), Weapon of choice (41%), Weapon, secondary choice (28%).

Give me four customisations for thugs!

Steel Skull. The character is difficult to knock out. When hit on the head the chance of being knocked out is reduced by 10%.

Quarterstaff (Dmg 6, penalty 4), Rune of the Warrior. Character is immune to illusionary spells.

Quarterstaff (Dmg d6+d10, penalty 4), Rune of Pain (d4 charges)

Spear, stabbing (Dmg d8+1+d10, penalty 8), Rune of Pain (d4 charges)

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Last updated January 28, 2024.

Urban Horror Encounters

Running an urban horror game, or a contemporary game where creepy gets to be a factor? Look no further, we have plenty of ideas for eerie and chill-inducing randomness. Some of it isn’t even supernatural because life itself can be plenty scary at times.

This generator currently has 61 entries.

Give me five!

The over-smooth, over-charismatic used car salesman or insurance salesman uses a magic fountain pen that, when held, induces an urge to believe what he says and get some papers signed. His customers often wonder, later on, how they could possibly think this deal was any good.
Some trickster deity must be listening. The next wishful or sarcastic remark made by someone within earshot comes true, in the worst possible way. Don’t say you wish you had an ice cream if you don’t want the ice cream truck to crash. At least now there’s ice cream everywhere, all you got to do is bend down and lick it up. (And maybe give first aid to the ice cream truck driver, whatcha know).
Local animals have been found dead, killed in the most grotesque manner. It started with mice, then cats, now dogs. Rumor has it that whoever is doing it is getting primed for their next hunt, humans.
Somebody decides to pick a fight. Whether it's race or orientation or which Star Wars trilogy is better, they'll make up some random offence and have a go at them about it. Depending on how rough it gets, their mates may join, or try to pull them away before they have their arse kicked sideways into Sunday.
There's no fury in hell like a self-professed saviour who's being told that their opinion is irrelevant by whatever minority it is they're trying to white knight. Take any person who fancies themselves a crusader for the oppressed, and any member of the oppressed not appreciating the crusader telling them what it's like to be them. Things should get heated in a very short time.

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Silvanian name generator


This generator produces a random character name, male or female, customised for a specific, as of yet unpublished game setting. Names that can be used anywhere you need a quick NPC. Silvanian names are drawn from a Frankish or Old English background. Thuali names are predominantly Italian and Spanish inspired. In my game setting, Thuali do not use last names so those are not offered.

The generator picks gender randomly, so if you need a name belonging to a specific gender you may have to refresh a few times.

Give me some names, then!

A common Thuali man's name: Raul.
A common Silvanian man's name: Raigenard Greenhill.

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Edit history:

April 14, ’24: Updated to include Thuali name suggestions.

Hedge magic spells generator

What spells does my character get? This generator suggests a spell from each sphere, listed with its base cost and maintenance, allowing characters to pick their starting spells at random (within the limits of their ability, as per the Basic Rules’ chapter on magic).

When a spell originates from elsewhere than the Basic Rules, this is noted.

Spells marked with * indicates that the game master should consider whether he wants this spell to be randomly available in the game setting. These spells can be game changers, capable of wrecking considerable havoc on a game master’s carefully crafted storylines if used lightly.

Sphere of All:
Imbuement (Cost 50+, Maintenance n/a)

Sphere of Air:
Wall of Illusion (Cost 40, Maintenance n/a)

Sphere of Earth:
Burden of the Lumbersome Ox (Cost 20+, Maintenance 2/round)

Sphere of Fire:
Flame Vision (Cost 10, Maintenance 1/minute)

Sphere of Water:
Little Spring (Cost 20, Maintenance 10/hour)

Sphere of Darkness:
Rune of Animation (Cost 75, Maintenance n/a)

Sphere of Light:
Circle of Healing Hands (Cost 40, Maintenance n/a)

Sphere of Time:
Crystal Rune (Cost 100, Maintenance 5/round)

Sphere of Fate:
Doll Curse (Cost 50, Maintenance n/a)

Sphere of Law:
Circle of Regeneration (Cost 20, Maintenance 10/hour)

Sphere of Chaos:
Obfuscate Senses (Cost 20, Maintenance 2/round)

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