What’s a pain in the backside? Rolling up random herbs. It’s enough to make somebody not want to play a herbalist after all.

To the rescue! The random table scales the chances of finding rare herbs so that you’ll end up with a lot more common and low-value specimens (just as if you’d used the table in the Basic Rules).

Get me some herbs!

Your herb is a relaxing herb or berry with a value of 1.

Use in moderation.
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Creepy Crawlies updated!

The Creepy Crawlies pdf has been updated with the addition of a new creature: The werewolf.

The legend of the werewolf – a human with the ability or curse to shapeshift into the form of a wolf, or a hybrid form of man and wolf, typically under the influence of the full moon – dates back to the first century after Christ, and is probably older yet. The myth gained traction in Europe in medieval times and spread to the New World, peaking in the 17th century, subsiding in the 18th, and enjoying a resurgence in 20th-century horror movies.

Werewolves have a long history in Europe, and the legend takes many forms. This creature sheet describes the archetypical central European and Slavic werewolf familiar from Gothic horror; a man who turns into a murderous beast at the full moon. Quirks and abilities are taken from European legends and traditions.

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Downtime at the Inn (Generic)

Sometimes, the characters need a break – and by break they don’t really mean another story hook. This generator covers ordinary day-to-day things happening at the local inn in town which the characters are familiar with. A lot of entries here are simply background noise that characters resting up or waiting on somebody might act upon if they wish.

This table is designed for a European inspired fantasy set in a technological and cultural age equivalent to the Middle Ages up to the Early Modern Period (ca. 1100-1750 AD.).

This generator currently has 54 entries.

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A prostitute and their patron get into a very loud and public argument.
A beautiful performer is beguiling guests, trying to convince them to fork over large sums of money and maybe even leave town to elope with them, only to get dumped somewhere else, later on.
A guest turns out to secretly practise a forbidden religion, using charm and magic to gain converts and sacrifices for their faith.
A drunk older patron tells tall tales of their battle prowess in times past. Everything is made up.
A table's worth of drunks play a drinking game and anyone can join as long as they have money.

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Urban Horror Encounters

Running an urban horror game, or a contemporary game where creepy gets to be a factor? Look no further, we have plenty of ideas for eerie and chill-inducing randomness. Some of it isn’t even supernatural because life itself can be plenty scary at times.

This generator currently has 61 entries.

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The barbecue (BYOB) at the local apartment complex is open to present and past tenants alike. Some of those tenants are very past—as in, they’ve been dead for decades, but that doesn’t mean they won’t take a corn dog off your hands.
Local animals have been found dead, killed in the most grotesque manner. It started with mice, then cats, now dogs. Rumor has it that whoever is doing it is getting primed for their next hunt, humans.
Venus flytraps and Pitcher plants aren't the only carnivorous plants. There is a new one, a massive one, and everyone who decides to picnic under its beautiful leaves, with flowers emitting a heady scent, have gone missing.
Grandma died and now her nurse turned up a will leaving the house to the nurse. Grandma's ghost is following her son around, and those sensitive to otherworldly presences might even perceive her -- though whether she's gloating that the loaf of a son isn't getting a dime, or wringing her hands because the evil nurse is stealing the inheritance, who knows?
Overhearing a seemingly innocent conversation between a small group of kids -- talking about the secret door in the school basement, or the underground kingdom accessed through the grate in the old scrapyard. Kids have such rich imaginations, don't they?

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Diversity & Dragons?

Not going to rehash the debate that’s currently going on in the game industry after the announcement that some companies will be revisiting the concept of ‘evil races’ and obvious, blatant parallels to real world minorities. Just going to toss in,

Roleplaying games need to develop with the society that plays them. No, it’s never been an issue for me that some races were considered ‘evil’ (though I think it’s maybe taking the very easy road through world building). But I’ve never had any other colour but pale pink, either.

I do recall the early 80s and how it sucked to sit at a gaming table with players who insisted that female players had to play female characters in order to not ‘make things weird’. Having to put points in Charisma because women look good in fantasy or it isn’t fantasy. How illustrations of women in game books were chain mail bikini or less. How it almost revolutionised the industry that Dragonlance had female heroes — and the main issue of debate seemed to be whether Laurana’s armour design (skirt and all) was feminine enough.

Get over it. Society evolves. If you need a simple, down to earth race of assholes in your game world, make one. It’s your table and your game group, do what you want.

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