Creepy Crawlies—it’s time for things that go bump!

Creepy Crawlies is the monster manual of the Imagines game system. What’s a game without things that creep, crawl, and go bump in the night? Let’s get started with a few of the classics: Let loose the vampires, bring in the alternate reality explanars, and let your sorcerers summon familiars—and that’s just the beginning.

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Encounters in the Wilderness

What awaits once the heroes leave the roads and villages of civilization behind and venture out into the wilds? Animals, monsters, and nature, of course! Bring spare rations.

This table is designed for a European inspired fantasy set in a technological and cultural age equivalent to the Middle Ages up to the Early Modern Period (ca. 1100-1750 AD) but most encounters can be applied to other climates than the forests and plains of Medieval Europe as well.

Elves that look suspiciously like Canadian Indians, or something.

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A lycanthrope follows the characters for several days and nights, trying to steal scraps of food and other small items from their campsites. He or she isn’t hostile per se, just very much alone and not too trusting of people.
One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. The characters happen upon an abandoned campsite where they may recover a few mundane items—likely of little value, but when short on cooking gear any old cast iron pot will do!
Fog turns a moonlit night into an eerie mistcape in which shadows lurk and navigation is difficult. There may be something out there, or there may not—but the mood is certainly set for swamp monsters and other creepers in the night.
The characters come across a faerie circle—a ring of mushrooms in the middle of a pleasant glade. Anyone who steps into the circle has a self-affecting fumble rolled for them on the Magic Gone Wild table the first time. Repeat attempts are not likely to produce any result.
A shifty merchant has set up a trading post in a secluded dell, bartering his wares with a group of people or creatures that his own species normally refuses to trade with, or outright tries to exterminate. Trading quality weapons for furs and precious stones the merchant is making a pretty penny, but those weapons are bound to end up used against human settlers elsewhere sooner or later.

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Encounters on the roads

What happens while the characters are plodding along the king’s roads connecting towns and cities in fairly populated lands? These encounters are intended for roads where the heroes are more likely to meet other travellers than wildlife or monsters.

This table is designed for a European inspired fantasy set in a technological and cultural age equivalent to the Middle Ages up to the Early Modern Period (ca. 1100-1750 AD.).

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A traveller with a lame horse hails the characters and asks if he can join them until the next town, particularly if they have a pack horse he can ride. Healing his horse is an option.
A patrol of soldiers or guards lead by a somewhat overzealous young sheriff, bailiff or officer, looking to prove himself to his superiors. Expect every satchel to be turned inside out in the search for contraband or incriminating evidence.
The characters happen on a group of sad squires, retainers, and servants, transporting the body of their lord knight, duke, prince, or whatever the guy decomposing on the pallet used to be.
A thief on the run tries to hitch up with the characters; his pursuers are looking for one person, not a group.
A shepherd walks his or her flock of ducks and geese down the road, heading for a nearby farmstead or village.
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18th century rider on a Friesian horse.

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