Quirks are traits of personality and circumstance that help make characters stand out from each other. Not two characters are likely to share the exact same combination and interpretation of their strengths and flaws. Quirks are optional; a character does not have to roll a set if the player doesn’t want to—but they help add depth and uniqueness to what otherwise may feel like a sheet of stats with no face.

This generator currently contains the 100 entries of the Basic Rules plus 3 more.

Give me four!

Collector. The character collects items of a specific kind. The collected items may not be valuable or rare, but she has to have them.
Excellent Night Vision. The character suffers no penalties from fighting or working in the dark.
Natural Movement in Armour. The character was born in plate: She suffers no penalties on AR or movement from wearing a specific type of armour. The type must be determined at the beginning of play.
Seductive. The character is a smooth talker or charming rogue, netting her a +2 bonus to Charisma.

To generate another combination of four quirks, simply refresh the page.

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