True magic and talents spell generator

What spells does my character get? This generator suggests a spell from each sphere, listed with its base cost and maintenance, allowing characters to pick their starting spells at random (within the limits of their ability, as per the Basic Rules’ chapter on magic).

When a spell originates from elsewhere than the Basic Rules, this is noted.

Spells marked with * indicates that the game master should consider whether he wants this spell to be randomly available in the game setting. These spells can be game changers, capable of wrecking considerable havoc on a game master’s carefully crafted storylines if used lightly.

Sphere of All:
Honour Bond (Cost 100, Maintenance n/a)

Sphere of Air:
Alter Self (Cost 2, Maintenance n/a)

Sphere of Earth:
Earth Friendship (Cost 20, Maintenance 2/round)

Sphere of Fire:
Dancing Flames (Cost 10, Maintenance n/a)

Sphere of Water:
Call Fish (Cost 20, Maintenance 2/round)

Sphere of Darkness:
Sense Undead (Cost 20, Maintenance 2/round)

Sphere of Light:
Rays of Light (Cost 10, Maintenance n/a)

Sphere of Time:
Continuity Break (Cost 40, Maintenance n/a)

Sphere of Fate:
Harmony (Cost 20, Maintenance 5/minute)

Sphere of Law:
Detect Power (Cost 10, Maintenance 2/round)

Sphere of Chaos:
Aura Charm (Cost 10, Maintenance 2/round)

To generate another set of suggestions, simply refresh the page.

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