Urban Horror Encounters

Running an urban horror game, or a contemporary game where creepy gets to be a factor? Look no further, we have plenty of ideas for eerie and chill-inducing randomness. Some of it isn’t even supernatural because life itself can be plenty scary at times.

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No dark alleys without muggers.
The sweat shop does in fact import illegal workers because they don’t need to pay them much nor worry about unionisation or labour laws. Hell, you don’t need to pay them anything at all if you’re buying slave workers from another dimension. Orcs are great assembly line workers, they’re strong and good at repetitive tasks.
Facers; annoyingly persistent signature collectors who are paid a commission per sign-up they get from hassling strangers in the street. Get ready for a bleeding heart speech or a sales pitch, where fact definitely does not get in the way of fiction.
It's a perfectly normal day except that to your and your friend's eyes, everyone's dressed as they would have been a century ago. Roaring Twenties, anyone? Or maybe the Summer of Love in 1968? No one else sees it. No one else thinks it strange. Nothing unusual happens. Photos snapped with your phone shows nothing unusual. Steampunk addicts and history nerds may spend all day in the street, drooling over people's clothes.
A neighbour down the street builds a shed in their yard, with boarded-up windows and strange contraptions on the roof. Sometimes, strangers come and go at night, collars up and hiding their faces behind scarves and under hats; some of them are oddly dressed -- steampunk, emo, goth, and even some furries. Some of them are very odd-looking. Turns out it's the local tabletop roleplaying game group and they just like to set the mood for extra immersion.

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