Urban Horror Encounters

Running an urban horror game, or a contemporary game where creepy gets to be a factor? Look no further, we have plenty of ideas for eerie and chill-inducing randomness. Some of it isn’t even supernatural because life itself can be plenty scary at times.

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A mugger or gang of muggers corners the protagonist(s) in a dark alley or street when suddenly, a vigilante hero descends from a nearby roof top. They beat the snot out of the bad guys and leave the protagonist(s) standing there with a pile of bruised bad guys and a stern admonition to stay on the straight and narrow, or else.
The barbecue (BYOB) at the local apartment complex is open to present and past tenants alike. Some of those tenants are very past—as in, they’ve been dead for decades, but that doesn’t mean they won’t take a corn dog off your hands.
Facers; annoyingly persistent signature collectors who are paid a commission per sign-up they get from hassling strangers in the street. Get ready for a bleeding heart speech or a sales pitch, where fact definitely does not get in the way of fiction.
The wild-eyed man walking around with a crown of thorns and a sign proclaiming the imminent arrival of Cthulhu (or some other mythical horror) happens to be right. This is not going to be a good day.
Venus flytraps and Pitcher plants aren't the only carnivorous plants. There is a new one, a massive one, and everyone who decides to picnic under its beautiful leaves, with flowers emitting a heady scent, have gone missing.

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