Diversity & Dragons?

Not going to rehash the debate that’s currently going on in the game industry after the announcement that some companies will be revisiting the concept of ‘evil races’ and obvious, blatant parallels to real world minorities. Just going to toss in,

Roleplaying games need to develop with the society that plays them. No, it’s never been an issue for me that some races were considered ‘evil’ (though I think it’s maybe taking the very easy road through world building). But I’ve never had any other colour but pale pink, either.

I do recall the early 80s and how it sucked to sit at a gaming table with players who insisted that female players had to play female characters in order to not ‘make things weird’. Having to put points in Charisma because women look good in fantasy or it isn’t fantasy. How illustrations of women in game books were chain mail bikini or less. How it almost revolutionised the industry that Dragonlance had female heroes — and the main issue of debate seemed to be whether Laurana’s armour design (skirt and all) was feminine enough.

Get over it. Society evolves. If you need a simple, down to earth race of assholes in your game world, make one. It’s your table and your game group, do what you want.

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