Encounters on the roads

What happens while the characters are plodding along the king’s roads connecting towns and cities in fairly populated lands? These encounters are intended for roads where the heroes are more likely to meet other travellers than wildlife or monsters.

This table is designed for a European inspired fantasy set in a technological and cultural age equivalent to the Middle Ages up to the Early Modern Period (ca. 1100-1750 AD.).

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A paranoid, neurotic merchant demands that the characters protect him and his goods; everyone is out to get him, take advantage of him, or at the very least waste his time and ruin his goods with their tardiness and sticky fingers.
The donkey of a travelling trader flat out refuses to move. He’ll be stuck there for at least a few hours until it changes its mind.
A thief on the run tries to hitch up with the characters; his pursuers are looking for one person, not a group.
A couple of shallow graves next to the road warns of the dangers of travel; disease, exhaustion, starvation, poor weather, and so on. If the heroes are nearby after dark the site may be haunted.
A heavily armed squad of guards or knights travel along the road, escorting a public notary, tax collector, or other bureaucrat in high standing from one town to another. A sweet opportunity for rebels or highwaymen, provided the guards can be dealt with.
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18th century rider on a Friesian horse.

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