Encounters in the Wilderness

What awaits once the heroes leave the roads and villages of civilization behind and venture out into the wilds? Animals, monsters, and nature, of course! Bring spare rations.

This table is designed for a European inspired fantasy set in a technological and cultural age equivalent to the Middle Ages up to the Early Modern Period (ca. 1100-1750 AD) but most encounters can be applied to other climates than the forests and plains of Medieval Europe as well.

Elves that look suspiciously like Canadian Indians, or something.

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A flock of geese settle near the characters for the night. Geese leave a surprisingly large and messy amount of droppings, and are notoriously noisy—not to mention aggressive if disturbed.
A sun kissed glade brims with valuable herbs. Herb gathering here nets a d4 points bonus to the value of the herbs gathered—assuming that the travellers don’t annoy the faerie or other small, supernatural entity that happens to own the herbs.
A small circle of standing stones may be the secret location of a religious sect, a remnant of ancient astrologers, or perhaps the abode of local faerie.
A campsite in the wilderness clearly belongs to a hunter or trapper; fresh hides are drying and furs are packed for transport. But where is the owner?
The heroes are approached by a hunting band or war party of a race or species that they are not very familiar with, possibly even considered hostile by the heroes’ civilization of origin. The tribes-people try to communicate but no one understands a word of what they’re saying. Will they part ways peacefully or will there be bloodshed?

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