Basic Rules update

May 10, 2019 updates:

  • Expanded the Alchemy chapter, cleaned up a few typos, and added recipes for Libation of Lingering Peace, Sanctuary, Merrywell’s Light Sedative, Draught of the Dream Journey, Mother Porzia’s Cure-All, Poultice of Bone Restoration, Draught of Advanced Age, Draught of Youth.
  • Cleaned up the Quirks chapter, and learned that Cleptomania is spelled with a k.
  • Gave the text of the Magic Gone Wild chapter another editorial do-over, clarified some entries.
  • Added a character sheet template.
  • Adjusted penalty and damage for sling ammunition (pebbles versus bullets).
  • Removed the obsolete Technology skill from Skills.
  • Made the index of the pdf file clickable—you can now jump directly from the index to the headline it references, making searching and navigation a lot easier.
  • Added three special moves to Unarmed Combat.
  • Clarified how shields and off-hand weapons work defensively; added the Off-hand skill (previously, you picked a Weapon skill for the off-hand weapon).
  • Luck is now rolled on d6+2 instead of 1d10. This prevents characters from having chronic bad luck, and game masters from dealing with characters who are never, ever unlucky.
  • Clarified how many charges magical items have (one per day per enchantment) in the Magic chapter. Introduced eventual magic item decay lest a game world eventually gets swamped in everlasting magic items.

As usual, right-click to open the pdf file in a new tab or save to your hard drive.


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