Ambush at the Mouse Ballet (Miniplot)

Ambush at the Mouse Ballet

The heroes have ticked off a thieves’ guild, group of smugglers, gang of thugs, or other criminal element of the city’s underground, and now they’re walking into the repercussions. This miniplot is essentially a bar brawl with frills.

For whatever reason the heroes are walking into an ambush, the intent of which is to scare them off. Murder, even among thugs, is a crime carrying heavy punishment in most medieval or early industrial communities; a bit of rough handling tends to get the message through. Particularly if it’s clear that the heroes are getting one last chance, and there will not be another.

What exactly the heroes have done, and to whom, is not relevant to this miniplot. Make sure they know they’ve ticked off the local gang, and wait for them to walk into a trap. Or have them be confused for some other guys and walk into the trap in a case of mistaken identities.

“I don’t know what these travellers did, or what they took. All I know is that there are some people in this city, some very fine people who happen to be paying me and by extension, you ladies. Those people want these fools to understand that this is our town, our money, our rules. Make it clear to them, Thatcher— that’s what the boss said. And if they still don’t take the hint, next time you use crossbow bolts from rooftops.”

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What are miniplots?

Miniplots need to be able to stand on their own. While they can reference literature or movies, they need to be able to be inserted into an ongoing storyline. Miniplots must come with all relevant information contained, or be easily adaptable to an existing game setting of somebody else’s design. Miniplots usually require integration with an on-going storyline or setting.

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