Random gossip and rumours

Exploring gossip and idle chat around the wells, inns, and marketplaces of a rural community. This table was created with the Gossip magical item in mind. Use it for background noise anywhere, though it works best with fantasy and/or medieval settings.

Spill the tea!

The baker's apprentice is getting their things together to go on a pilgrimage. A pilgrimage! As if we don't have enough things to worry about at home and now they want to go find trouble somewhere else!Gosh.
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Generic Thug Template

This template is for your run-of-the-mill, average thug, whether a faceless member of the town guard or a band of highwaymen. To provide a little variation, we offer several randomised customisation options. Throw in two thugs per able-bodied, fighting player character (and more if they are highly skilled and experienced characters).

To create a more experienced thug, combine two customisations. For a very experienced thug, combine three or four.

Presence 7, Physique 10, Psyche 6, Potential 8, Technology 3

Appearance 15, Charisma 10, Authority 17
Agility 15, Strength 17
Intelligence 11, Memory 9, Discipline 11
Power 13, Control 15
Operation 12, Construction 8
# 5, MS 3%
AR -2, DMG +2
HP 40, PP n/a
DEF (76) 76/76/76
Luck 5
ALT 50%
INTU 32%

Skills of note: Brawling (41%), Coolness (33%), Weapon of choice (41%), Weapon, secondary choice (28%).

Give me four customisations for thugs!

Hard to Kill. When wounded, the character’s health may drop to minus 100% (rather than the standard minus 50%) before she dies.

Quarterstaff (Dmg d6+d10, penalty 4), Rune of Pain (d4 charges)

Quarterstaff (Dmg d6, penalty 4)

Sword, cutlass (Dmg d6+4, penalty 5), Rune of Sharpness

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Last updated January 28, 2024.


What’s a pain in the backside? Rolling up random herbs. It’s enough to make somebody not want to play a herbalist after all.

To the rescue! The random table scales the chances of finding rare herbs so that you’ll end up with a lot more common and low-value specimens (just as if you’d used the table in the Basic Rules).

Get me some herbs!

Your herb is a invigorating herb, berry or plant with a value of 9.

Please see your local garden shop for instructions on how to re-plant.
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Creepy Crawlies updated!

The Creepy Crawlies pdf has been updated with the addition of a new creature: The werewolf.

The legend of the werewolf – a human with the ability or curse to shapeshift into the form of a wolf, or a hybrid form of man and wolf, typically under the influence of the full moon – dates back to the first century after Christ, and is probably older yet. The myth gained traction in Europe in medieval times and spread to the New World, peaking in the 17th century, subsiding in the 18th, and enjoying a resurgence in 20th-century horror movies.

Werewolves have a long history in Europe, and the legend takes many forms. This creature sheet describes the archetypical central European and Slavic werewolf familiar from Gothic horror; a man who turns into a murderous beast at the full moon. Quirks and abilities are taken from European legends and traditions.

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Downtime at the Inn (Generic)

Sometimes, the characters need a break – and by break they don’t really mean another story hook. This generator covers ordinary day-to-day things happening at the local inn in town which the characters are familiar with. A lot of entries here are simply background noise that characters resting up or waiting on somebody might act upon if they wish.

This table is designed for a European inspired fantasy set in a technological and cultural age equivalent to the Middle Ages up to the Early Modern Period (ca. 1100-1750 AD.).

This generator currently has 54 entries.

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A traveller has brought a child with them. There is nothing unusual to see about them until the child turns out to be playing with an unusual and possibly quite valuable toy.
Terrible weather causes the inn's basement to flood, the roof to be damaged, or a wall to collapse.
Somebody is trying to hire mercenaries or adventurers to help them in an impossible fight against a local robber baron or monster.
For once things are exactly what they look like: Another patron is actually an important nobleman out slumming, the patron making friendly with the innkeeper actually is just the best swordsman of the country coming through town today, or the four hooded men meeting in the basement are simply merchants meeting in secret in order to take advantage of a business opportunity – a perfectly legal one at that!
A table's worth of drunks play a drinking game and anyone can join as long as they have money.

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